Car Exhaust


Professional Exhaust supplies, fits and manufactures the highest quality mufflers and exhaust systems. Car, truck, bus, forklifts, 4WD, industrial exhaust maintenance, performance exhausts, stainless/aluminised steel exhaust systems and tube bending.



At Professional Exhaust we use only the best brands, and have the expertise and equipment to maintain your car’s steering responsiveness and stability. Take your car to the next level in performance with suspension, brakes, shock absorbers, springs, power steering and more.

Auto & Marine

Exhaust Systems

At Professional Exhaust we offer engine servicing, tune ups and performance tuning for both automotive and marine.
We handle minor and major repairs. There is really nothing we can’t handle. We have a passion for both boating and Marine


Car Exhaust

Professional Exhaust is fully equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art computer scanning equipment, and our technicians have access to both technical information and the components to service, repair and maintain the auto electrical system in your car.


With over 30 years operating as a family business, Professional Exhaust has the history and experience to deliver quality advice, service and products for any exhaust, towbar, suspension and even marine maintenance need.

We are experts in the supply and fitting of exhaust systems, and cater to every requirement – from standard applications, to performance, sports systems and custom exhausts. We also supply to industry and can fit exhaust systems to other heavy vehicles, including 4WD, Trucks and Commercial.

We are also a proud member of the Capricorn group and deal with the best suppliers in the industry, providing our customers with peace of mind and the best deals and warranties available.

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