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Flash Tuning Cars 101

Flash Tuning Cars 101

03 Jul, 2015

Picture this – you’re driving along the Great Ocean Road in your luxurious, three year old car. A nice calm day, not another car in sight; the road is all yours. It should be a nice, smooth drive; but something’s not quite right. You’ve noticed over recent weeks that the car’s fuel economy doesn’t seem as good as it could be. Perhaps your vehicle doesn’t feel quite as powerful it should be either. It’s still a fairly new car, so what’s wrong?

Maybe your car needs a flash tune, and I’m not talking about an updated playlist for your iPod. Let’s take a closer look at this procedure and how it can benefit your vehicle.

What is flash tuning?

Flash tuning is the term used to describe the recalibrating of the computer that functions as your car’s nerve centre. This computer controls the vehicle’s engine and is can be tuned to the same settings as when it left the factory. It’s a process that can only be performed on modern, computer controlled vehicles, and is analogous to restoring your smart phone to its factory settings. Doing this enables your car to be reprogrammed for performance improvements and modifications. However, it can’t be done by just anyone as it requires specialised equipment – not even all repair garages have the necessary technology to carry out this process.

How will your car benefit from a flash tune?

There are numerous advantages to be gained from putting your car through this tuning process. It provides your vehicle with:

  • Greater power
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Greater torque spread
  • Maximum reliability
  • Restored factory safety standards
  • Better throttle response

So not only will your vehicle be safer and offer better performance with flash tuning, but the increased fuel economy will help you save dollars at the petrol bowser too – up to twenty percent!

Where can I get my car flash tuned?

If you live in Melbourne, the Professional Exhaust Centre in Airport West offers high quality flash tuning using Powerchip technology. We install the Powerchip into your vehicle and reconfigure the software in the car’s computer to make it suitable for high octane fuel. This works in conjunction with the chip to enhance your vehicle’s performance, enabling you as the driver to get the most out of your car. Also, the downtime is minimal – we won’t need to have your car with us for longer than three or four hours.

To discover the difference that a flash tune can make to your vehicle, get in touch with Professional Exhaust Centre today. Call (03) 9338 9233 or contact us online.

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