Custom Make Exractors and Full Exhaust Systems for All Makes And Models

Our Team

Paul Borrelli: Managing Director/Owner

Paul has been working within the exhaust business for the last 20 years. He is passionate about cars, boats and anything to do with an engine, even Go Carts. Paul loves solving peoples automotive problems with a sense of expertise, adventure and most importantly humour. He takes pride in his business the team he works with and the customers he deals with.

John Lang: Factory Manager

John was recruited to Professional Exhaust in 2011, and has over 30 year’s experience working at many exhaust workshops in Melbourne, most recently at Glenroy Exhaust. He is an expert in anything to do with Cars, Trucks 4WD’s marine and Bikes. He prides himself on the quality of his workmanship and the advice he gives to solve, modify and improve anything automotive. This is his true passion

Joe Borrelli: Founder of Glenroy Exhaust

Joe Borelli was the original owner and founder of Glenroy Exhaust which he established in 1988. Joe worked and operated the business with his son Paul, until in 2003 he decided to sell the business. He continues to work in the industry at professional exhaust, where he provides all his industry knowledge and expertise.

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