Professional Exhaust supplies, fits and manufactures the highest quality mufflers and car exhaust systems. Specialising in car, truck, bus, forklifts, 4WD, industrial exhaust maintenance, performance exhausts, stainless/aluminised steel exhaust systems and tube bending.

The factory is located in 15 Webb Rd, Airport West VIC 3042 and uses state of the art custom to build machinery to ensure that no job is too large or too small.

If you require a standard replacement for a family mover or a performance system for a modified vehicle, you can trust that Professional Exhaust and the team will get the job done professionally and to the highest standard of quality.

  • Standard Replacement
  • Custom Replacement
  • Sports
  • Mandrel Systems
  • Custom
  • Extractors (Standard or Custom)
  • Made to Sample
  • Hard to get Parts
  • Imports
  • Mild to Wild
  • Flange Plates (Turbo)
  • Extractor Plates
  • Turbo Manifolds / Cooler Piping
  • Intercooling
  • Cars, Trucks, Hot Rods, 4WD, Boats, Stationary Engines, Classics, GoKarts, Bikes, Aircraft, Forklifts & Limo’s
  • All Watercraft
  • Catalytic Converters (Including Euro 3, 4 & 5)

Call us Professional Exhaust on (03) 9338 9233 for quality Car Exhaust Systems, Performance exhaust, muffler, extractors Services. OR Visit our workshop at 15 Webb Rd, Airport West VIC 3042 for details and request obligation free quotation.

We love to modify and design custom car exhaust systems and mufflers.