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Professional Exhaust Centre supplies, fits and manufactures the highest quality mufflers and car exhaust systems in Melbourne. Specialising in cars, trucks, buses, forklifts and 4WDs, we can assist with everything from industrial exhaust maintenance and performance exhausts through to stainless steel exhaust systems and tube bending.

Our factory in Airport West uses state-of-the-art custom-to-build machinery, ensuring that no job is too big or too small. As part of our exhaust services in Airport West, we can provide the right exhaust or car muffler in Airport West to keep your vehicle humming along nicely. While we have highly capable exhaust specialists who can install exhaust systems in Melbourne for you, we can also act as exhaust pipe material suppliers if you wish to DIY it.

How We Can Help

Whether you require a standard replacement for a family mover or a performance system for a modified vehicle, you can trust our exhaust shop in Melbourne to get the job done professionally and to the highest standard of quality. We can help you with:

  • Standard Replacement
  • Custom Replacement
  • Sports
  • Mandrel Systems
  • Custom
  • Extractors (Standard or Custom)
  • Made to Sample
  • Hard to get Parts
  • Imports
  • Mild to Wild
  • Flange Plates (Turbo)
  • Extractor Plates
  • Turbo Manifolds / Cooler Piping
  • Intercooling
  • Cars, Trucks, Hot Rods, 4WD, Boats, Stationary Engines, Classics, GoKarts, Bikes, Aircraft, Forklifts & Limos
  • All Watercraft
  • Catalytic Converters

Why is the Right Exhaust System Important?

Basically, the power of your engine is in some part determined by your exhaust system. An engine acts as an air pump. That means if you want more revs, that air needs to go somewhere so the engine can breathe! When your engine has space to breathe, it can work more efficiently. But not all exhausts are made the same. When you want performance but lack the know-how, you can trust our mechanics to optimise your vehicle so your engine has the grunt you desire.

Visit Our Exhaust Shop in Melbourne Today

Whether you’re experienced in working on your own car or you require the technical knowledge of a mechanic, Professional Exhaust Centre can help you. We have a deep knowledge of engines, exhausts and all things automobile. Got a question about our exhaust services in Airport West, or want to book your car in with us? Give us a call today.

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